Hey, I really want to sell my Brand new Peavey 6505+ and 2 month old Marshall MF400 cab, but i don't what price to sell them for. The 6505+ is only about 2 weeks old, and is in its box with manual + footswitch. The cab is roughly 2 months old and is in great condition. I just wanted to know what price i could sell them for and where would be best to sell them. I live in the u.k if that changes anything.

Thanks for any help!
The 6505 is cheap as hell, like 10 bucks so I'll pay you 15 bucks for it including shipping.
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Check completed auctions on ebay. Its a good indication of what they are going for now and what people are willing pay. I would just exchange the 6505+ if possible rather than getting raped on reselling it. Keep the cab for now, as it won't be worth the hassle of selling of it for the hit you'll take.