i'm building a guitar in my shop class and everything is right and layed out correctly(i used another guitar as a model) but i wasn't able to figure out how high and what not to put my pick up...i only have one pickup because i took the neck and wires off of a guitar i didn't like to put in this one.could anyone help me out please?
well if you've only got one pickup you've gotta consider what sound you want out of it. if you're making a lead type guitar you're going to want to put it in the bridge position. if you want a more bluesy or warm sound out of it put it up near the neck. i really hope it's a humbucker, because only one single-coil just wont cut it.

what's your scale-length?
how high as in how deep to put them into the body? That depends on how deep your neck pocket is, and how high the strings will be from the body...

or how high as in how close to the bridge or to the neck? Closer to the neck = bassier, closer to the bridge = treble-ier.
wow yeah you're definitely going to need to know the scale length of the neck you're using or the things going to sound completely off. That's the distance between the nut and the bridge, and it needs to be the same as the guitar you took the neck off of. If it's not then the frets will all be placed wrong and none of the notes will be right.

as far as how deep it needs to be, it just needs to be deep enough so that it's not up higher than the bridge or the fretboard. you want it close to the strings though or it won't pick them up.

if you don't know the scale length of the guitar you took it off of, just remember the 12th fret is halfway between the nut and the bridge. so measure from the nut to the 12th fret and that's the distance your bridge needs to be from the 12th fret.
typically a humbucker route should be 7/8 to 1 inch to allow movement
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