I am looking at upgrading the pickups in one of two guitars, and was hoping you could give me suggestions as to what you think would work best, so I know have a better idea of which pickups to try out.
I am looking at replacing pickups in either of:

Ibanez S series (Mahogony body, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets)

Squire Strat Standard (Agathis body, mable neck, rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets)

I am going to get a new scratch plate to suit, so am looking at a HSS configuration.
The sound I am looking for is on the bridge I would like a humbucker which has lots
of sustain and is good for pinch harmonics, and can achieve heavier sounds like Avenged Sevenfold, and other hard rock / metal, as well as sounds similar to that of Joe Satriani.

I would like to have a single coil in the neck which would be suited for cleans and jazz, for sounds like The Eagles.

I would like to have a middle pick that allows me to get that ‘4th position strat sound’, but this is not as important.

I would also like them to be fairly balanced in output and sound good in the 2nd and 4th positions, but I don’t really know how to balance this as this is the first time I have replaced stock pickups.
I am open to all ideas,
Thank you,
What amp do you have?
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We can't help you at all until we know what amp you're using.
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Well I currently use a Roland Cube 30 but am hoping to soon upgrade to a Line6 Spider Valve or possibly another valve amp (lower end) playing through an Fx board

Don't bother with pickups until you get a decent amp - the spider doesn't count. Likewise don't bother if you're going to drown your sound in digital fx as it's just a waste of time. Finally there's absolutely no point upgrading the pickups in an agathis squier.
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If the spider 'doesn't count' as a decent amp what would you recommend in that price range?

I was starting to come to the same conclusion about the squire, and I still want FX so I can play songs like surfing with the alien.

But please, any help choosing an amp would be greatly appreciated
For the amp - lookin at around £500 / $900 as an upper bound, preferably valve and 1x12 or 2x12 combo, want it to be versatile and to be able to work with FX or have in-built FX.