my band wants to get better get for rehearsing/playing but we also want to do some good recordings of our songs and we've been arguing over what we should buy, and it's pretty "hot" over here if you know what i mean... i really need advice on the right stuff to get.

for now we have:

Pearl drums
a fender on a 10watt amp
a bc richy on a 15watt amp

we obviously need "better sound", which could mean getting better amps, but that's way too expensive and we can't afford it right now.

we have considered the following options:

- get a Boss BR-600 digital recorder and just record with what we have.


- get a PA for both guitars and a Mixer.

i dont know much about recording so im pretty much in the dark here, any help is appreciated. remember we're on a tight budget
Well if you plan on micing a drum set a BR600 which has just 2 inputs wont really work out too well for you so you are going to have to spend a bit more money for an interface with more inputs.

When it comes to drums I tend to go with an 8 input interface like the PreSonus FP10 FireWire:

but since you are on a low budget im going to suggest something like the Mackie Onyx Satellite interface which you can feed a small mixer into. The Yamaha MG 102C is a great unit for the price.

This allows you to record 4 mics at one time by mixing them all into one track which gets run to the back input on the mackie interface.

I suggest using two overhead mics (like two MXL 991s) and one kick drum mic if you want it to stand out more.
You could just try running two overhead mics first and skip buying the mixer for now but once you go past recording 2 mics at one time you need either a larger interface or a mixer to mix more mics into one input.