I'm just wondering if anyone here (that lives in the US) knows if there are any political classes in their High School. This goes back to my thread yesterday about how schools are not really teaching current stuff. Most people get out of High School when they're 18, which means that that they can vote and talking to people in my school I realized that even now that that the elections are comming up, a lot of them have no idea what's going on. To be honest, I thought that Communism and Socialism was the same thing until a couple of months ago that i started to read outside of school. Most people in the US (that i've talked to) have no idea what neo-liberalism is, which i think is a term that everyone, specially in the US, should know. So...is it just my school that is not teaching students about politics or is it around the country?

by the way, sorry about my english, i'v only been speaking it for a couple of years (i'm saying this because in my last thread a guy was talking about my bad grammar lol)
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There's US Gov't and Contemporary Issues, along with Sociology and Women's Issues in our school but that's pretty much it.
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I'm currently taking a class called "Comparative Politics" right now we're covering the election(of course) and we're going to cover different forms of government and such.
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all of my history classes in high school (save AP because we had a strict regiment and little time) had that. i'm in a class right now about the history of the last 50 years of america where every friday we discuss things from the news. it's not the entirety of the news though.

there should be a class where people are informed of such things though and allowed to discuss. in theology we went over the USCCB voting guide for catholics and some people didn't even know who was pro-choice and who was pro-life. i was kind of in shock, i think our chaplain was too, that nobody watches the news.

edit: my bad, there actually is a civics course, but it's considered sort of a lower brow course (i guess because they assume the smart kids will just know about politics).
In Canada civics is a required course, we didn't learn about too many current issues we just learned about how it works (which I don't remember at all because it doesn't interest me) The only time we really learned about current issues is when my teacher would go off on a rant, which he often did. He was awesome.
Cool, so there are schools that teach politics...i think i might send a letter to my school and ask to add a class about current politics or political science and see what they say
"There's Jimmy Page, the greatest thief of American black music who ever walked the earth."
-Homer Simpson
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