I was wondering how you make guitar harmonies, anything from Bullet for my valentine to thin lizzy. I guess they use the same sort of technique/intervals?
can anyone give me any advice?
thanks in advance
They play the same thing in different octaves.
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I thought they played in thirds?
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say you are in the key of A minor, and you are playing an A, And your buddy wants to harmonize, so he is going to go up three notes(in the minor scale) so that A, B, C.
So your friend is going to play the C and you play the A at the same time. That's harmonizing in thirds.

You can also harmonize with octaves. You play an A, and your buddy plays an A in a different octave. That's harmonizing with octaves
basically just jam with another guitarist and come up with something through trial and error. its like if you jammed with a bassist.
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i thought it was something to do with that.
Thats really helped
cheers guys
is there a way to make harmonies like the mr Crowley interlude where they are both completely different but sound awesome together?

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