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Song played on radio?
Been an extra in film/tv show?
Walked behind a reporter on news?


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i can imagine some guy being like

i acted a total twat behind a tv reporter IT WAS SO FUNNY me and my friends moony'ed the and EVERYTHING
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I did a cover of "When I Come Around" on my acoustic guitar for a crowd of 35-40 mentally handicapped people.

The vocal microphone was plugged into a 15 watt crate amp, but I think they enjoyed the show.
i've been interviewed in the news on tv a couple times. and in the news paper a bunch. but nothing big.
Well, the amount of times I've publically humilated myself should count...

But they don't
Well... I've been on the news twice... and on a Tv program that was aired around the state and it had re-runs too (it was on PBS lol)

and I've played the piano in front of 800-ish people and guitar in front of 400-ish.
Someone asking for a picture with me after I won a battle of the bands
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I've been on TV a few times but the most significant one was with the Freedom Trail (tour company in downtown Boston) and we (4 of us in costume) were in front of a group of 100+ people cheering and one of the guys I work with said some speech thing...

So yea I wasn't exactly the main guy but I wasn't in the massive crowd screaming my ass off to be famous...
Been in the local paper quite a few times, used to be on a weekly basis in the sports reports
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I had a number one single in the USA, it was called "crank dat".

Yeah, thats right, I'm Soulja Boy.
i've been in the newspaper. i've been on tv in the news. i've been an extra in a movie. i have my own radio show.

am i famous yet?
I've been in an ad for guitars
Been in the local newspaper, school newspaper, and radio a few times each
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Heinz were asking people coming out of Tesco about what they like/dislike about Heinz' products. They were filming it, and at least 4 of my friends did the talk, me and two others just watched. This was on a lunch break at college.
I'm on the cover of Queensryche's Mindcrime at the Moore DvD
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Well, you know, the average, not much really. I just have a trillion fans and my own private jet and i play sold out shows wherever i feel like to pay off that new bunch of supercars i bought for fun. Im not that famous.
When I was like 6, I was in a newspaper ad. It was advertising the same newspaper and it was like "Look who reads this paper!" and it had a bunch of happy people posing, and for some reason they thought they needed a 6 year old in the picture.
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Hmm.. I've been interviewed to the News once, and my mom talked about me in the news when I was young.

I've also been in the local newspaper a ****load of times for preety trivial stuff, one of my best friend's dad owns the local newspapers .

I also know a couple of reporters on the big news shows. and some politicians, but thats not really me being famous.
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well on the sounds of the underground dvd for 05 i shouted cloud connected like .1 second b4 they played it. I made that show
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I've been in a War just few years ago when we chased those God Damn Lebanese, I was just 16. I met Ariel Sharon.

Isn't that famous or close to that?
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They play a couple of my bands songs on the radio pretty regularly during an hourly local slot.

And we did a podcast interview with some guys who usually only interview local bands but have interviewed some bands like Amon Amarth and a few other namely names here and there.

Been in the newspaper a few times as well.
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I've been in a War just few years ago when we chased those God Damn Lebanese, I was just 16. I met Ariel Sharon.

Isn't that famous or close to that?

Hey, good to see another Israeli here.

Me eifo ata ba'aretz? Ani me Kiryat Shmona, az hayiti sham rov hazman.
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race toward an early grave.

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My school was on the news. I've been interviewed about stuff twice.
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You know all the crackheads with their pants falling off running from the police on COPS?

...Yeah, those are all me, you just can't tell cause they blurred my face.
I was a mascot for the footballer Michael Owen when England played against Poland.

We won 2-1, and I was on TV in front of millions.

De Montfort Uni
Numorous live songs played on the radio, and a chance to join an indie label. We stupidly turned it down though >_<
I was once it this horrible kid show in the Netherlands called "Willem Wever" it is where you can send in a question you have about something and they take you to proffesionals to give you the answer..
Well I had a question and they kinda liked it so they invited me for a screening and apparantly the liked me. I got a call I could be on the show only with a different question..
Now I was broadcasted 15 minutes on national television answering the question: Why do dogs smell each others ass..

No fun.
I engineered an EP for a band so the CDs they have floating around town has my name included on it for credit. That's about as close as I am.
I was on the front page of the "Metro" section of the Columbus Dispatch.

Should I tell you why? I think I shouldn't, but I will: I got a parasitic bacterial thing in my stomach from swimming at the local pool, and had diarrhea for a month.

YEP. Oh, also, my band's drummer played with Clapton at the Blues Station, and I met him. Drummer has pics.
When I got my breasts out for my school show.

And I was on CBBC! F*ck yea!

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