This is my bands song, which i made in early '07

I uploaded my Guitar Pro tab of this on here like, months and months ago. It's been recorded for quite a few months now, so yah...

Its in my profile called 'Waging War - Downfall'

Please bare in mind the drums are Guitar Pro drums, as is the keyboards

You might wanna change the name of the song. Hellyeah already has a song called "Waging War"
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^ thanks for the crit.....

EDIT: i wrote the song in Febuary 2007, they released it in April (according to wikipedia) therefore, they stole it off me.
Sounds like Amon Amarth, fun to listen to though.

Try and make the guitar stand out a bit more, it's getting buried in the mix.

Other than that, nice song.
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The song itself sounds ok however the mix seems a bit muddy and could be a bit more clear...overall its not bad...its not my type of music so I cant really comment on the type of music however the recording could be better...guitars could be more up front as well but thats just me.
Go to this page to hear my original song recordings

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^Black Metal Vocals are intended to sound like this.

Sounds good, I would say find a new way to record guitar, it sounds like you recorded it directly through the computer. Also, try to find a drummer. Good job other than that.
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^ , we would, but we don't have a drummer, and all the drummers around here play indie and crap, so that's really the best we can do at the mo'.

Thanks for the crit anyway

Anything you want me to crit?
The guitar + vocals are awsome, i really think you should turn you guitars volume up and record everything better.
We can't record anything better.. We have to use Audacity to record everything (its all we have), we have to use guitar pro drums and keyboard (seeing as we dont have any), and i have a cheap ass piece of crap mic
That's the best we could do without going to a studio and spending tons.

Thanks for the crit anyway