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...and it's time for me to lose some weight.
I'm ~150 lbs (give or take) and I'm 5'5" and my BMI is 25. The exact number to start at being overweight. So I've decided to make a change. I'm going to be more active and eat less ****. I've already stopped drinking soda and stopped eating chips and cookies and stuff today... Problem is, it's the middle of the winter and it's a pain in the ass being outside. We have limited workout equipment. Any suggestions?
If it helps, I'm turning 15 in a few weeks.
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Do pullups till you die...I used to do 10 every hour when I was in the army. I needed to get in shape for an Air Assault class and that did the trick.
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winter is the best to do stuff, join a sports team, winter is the sports season here (well, most sports) make sure you never drink soda again it is really bad
Wait, you're 150lbs? How tall are you? Because I'm around 155 and my BMI is like 19.

Anyway, there's like a nutrition and weight-training thread here, check that out.

And if you're only 15 I wouldn't sweat it too much because between the time I was 15 and the time I was 21 I grew a solid foot and gained only about 10-15lbs. Not saying this will necessarily happen for you, but you do have a lot of time before you're in your "final adult body"
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Your only young, puberty will drop pounds off you if your lucky.

Stop snacking, it does wonders trust me, I swapped my lunch of like 2 bags of crisps and 2 choc bars for apples oranges and bananas and I was stick thin after that, and I dont excercise ever.

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dieting is a "decent" way to lose weight but for the best results, running is definitely the answer. I don't know how much access you have to warm clothing but if you are really serious, get dressed and get outside to run. I run 4-5 miles five days a week and at the moment, it's always between 20-35 degrees outside. It's so easy to lose weight if you do it properly and DON'T slack off
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DO as much CARDIO as you can. Get a jump rope.
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watch your diet a bit, your 14, you'll grow out of it
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And just so you know, it is NOT bad for you to exercise in the winter. By the time the cold air reaches your lungs, it's already been heated up to body temperature.
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You could... run to the frige, take something out, slap your self, run away, and do it all over again...

Seriusly though
go to a local gym.... run up and down stairs in your house? push ups? sit ups?

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You are 15, not that tall and a little overweight. When puberty gets it's way with you, you'll be tall, nice and skinny in no time!
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poosh ups lolz

.... i dropped about 20 pounds when i was your age, your height, and your weight by running cross country.
not actually across the country, but the sport where you run 5k races outside.

just start with like a mile or two, and work your way up.
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where would I do pullups lol
It's not like I have a bar hanging from the ceiling to do pullops on

Doorway you lazy fart. See that, already making excuses for yourself. That's where I had mine. They sell the bar but you might have to do some basic carpentry (might as well start a thread on that too).
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where would I do pullups lol
It's not like I have a bar hanging from the ceiling to do pullops on

you can buy a pullup bar. i have one
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You are 15, not that tall and a little overweight. When puberty gets it's way with you, you'll be tall, nice and skinny in no time!

I'm already as tall as my parents, my voice is really low and I have enough facial hair to shave daily and/or grow a beard, and my acne is starting to die down. I don't think puberty is gonna change me much anymore
go play hockey I've lost like 25lbs so far since december from playing hockey
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I'm telling you. You need to do cardio, or you wont lose anything. Pull ups will not do anything for you. Jumprope or run.
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Don't eat much and get some more exercise someway that you enjoy. Seriously, it worked for me.
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NO, don't simply stop eating. You're in a worse position of you stop eating as your metabolism is much slower and you lack the nutrients for you to even feel up to regular physical activity. As i said before, running is going to be your fastest and best bet. Swimming is highly encouraged as well if you have an indoor pool available in your area as it is cardio related and easier on the joints. Pull-ups won't just do it nor will push-ups. They help but compared to something as rigorous as running or swimming, the difference is clearer than night and day
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No. Most of America would be extinct.
I'm not sure how you would call being 5'5 short, especially at 15. Chances are you will grow another 4 inches at least so at least and you would be average of size+.
If you want to cut down seriously on weight, make your own lunch and stop snacking too much between meals. If you are 15 and growing you will find it to be quite hard to get fat from normal food even if you sit on your ass most of the time. Working out is just to increase mass and improve your overall condition, and may actually gain you weight (although at better places).
Btw, suppose you drink a liter of coke each day. Thats about 100 grams of sugar a day. Thats 2 decent size candy bars or quite some cookies. DON'T make the mistake of thinking juices are good for you in those quantities either, that **** contains MORE sugar than coke (pure apple and orange juice excluded, and thats about 20% less) and is not much better for your teeth. Drink water, thee or coffee and don't put sugar in. Don't become a gym rat thinking you need it to get "normal" sized.
Wait, let me get this all straight...

You're turning 15, 5"5 is "short" for your age, and you think you're done with puberty?

That doesn't sound like it adds up to me, but I'd start running in the spring to fall and lift in the winter more often then running season...

And what stupid advice Bair.
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yeah you can do a mile, seriously.
endurance running starts by pushing yourself though the little distances and working your way up.
and do not eat between meals.
3 healthy meals per day. that's it.
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I'm assuming I shouldn't stay up till 5 in the morning and wake at 2:30 in the afternoon anymore, right?
Usually I'm skipping breakfast, eating lunch at 3, dinner at 6, then hungry at midnight... I try not to stuff my face there tho
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