I need a new amp, to play with in my band and (hopefully) to gig with.

I have a cube 20X atm, which I only use for practicing.
I like the sound of it and the functons/effects it has built in, so I was thinking I'd buy the Cube 60. It's not very expensive and is(I think) basically the same amp as the 20X, but louder.

Is this a wise decision? I play mainly metal (think metallica) and some softer stuff, so I also need decent cleans. My guitar is a Ibanez SA120.

If you have any other recomendations, post them.
(so I need a new amp, to play metal, with good cleans, good built in distortion, not too expensive and 50W+)
yes i have one and it is very good, the distortion is very good and the cleans are very smoothe

all you can ask for for a 60 watt solid state amp for metal and cleans
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I have the Cube 60. I very rarely use the built in distortion though, not because of it's quality, it's just too full on for me! I use the clean channel and a Boss BD-2. The amp has really nice cleans and the distortion could do what you want it to do.

All in all, a good amp and I'd recommend it to you.
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look at tube amps, and give a price range please

If he's looking at a Cube 60, not too many tube amps in that price range which can do metal distortion.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
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Peavey Valveking or used Randall RG50TC

Cube 60 298eur
Valve King 112 511eur
I've seen used RG60TC's go for about 400eur here.

Not quite the same, but somewhat close, yes. However, you're not taking into account the fact that the Valve Kings (supposedly) have some realiability issues (fuses burning a lot), and the fact that a lot of people say you can't get metal distortion with them. Not tomention the all-around bland tone (again, from what I've read). And about the Randall RG50TC, a lot of people say it sucks. Well, at least stock. I've considered maybe buying both of those amps, so I've done some research.

However, they're still not bad choices. But the Cube 60 is still 75% the price of either of those amps - the difference is pretty big.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
i own a cube60 aswell and gotta tell you... unless you want to invest in a good tube amp (mesa, marshall, bogner,... whatever) the cube is pretty much one of the best options out there.
I love the distortion (r-fier mode). and i like all the other modes except for the metal and classic stack

I tried a valveking a few weeks ago, and it was very disappointing. wouldn´t thade my cube for that

bottom line: if you want to play in a band, forget the cube! get a good tube amp or you'll never be satisfied. if not, just go for the cube