I'm getting my first electric guitar soon (right now I only have the acoustic in my sig) and I've been looking at tons of guitars, and switching between what I want every week. Now, I have 700 $ saved up. I'm going to get a Roland MicroCube as I want something sleek, small, and something that I can put batteries in if I need to.

Now I really like V's, Rhoads, and all that good stuff, but I've heard the introduction priced models of those are such crap, it's not worth it.

I've read a few posts leading people towards the Pacifica 112. I looked at this guitar and the specs seem pretty bitching, and I've always trusted Yamaha. Basically, would you guys recommend this as a first electric guitar for someone who plans on learning how to play every genre?

I figure once I play it for a bit I can upgrade it too, locking tuners, better pickups, all that fun stuff.

Also, for straplocks, is the Dunlop Original StrapLok System any good? (http://www.music123.com/Dunlop-Original-StrapLok-System-364007-i1130336.Music123)

Thanks for your time guys.

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I got it for a first guitar, and it hasn't failed me in the past 2 1/2 years. As we speak my friend who is a top notch guitarist (he also has a Gibson LP and Fender Strat) is preparing to use it at a gig. He loves the sound.

I REALLY suggest getting one.
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yamaha pacificas are really nice as a first guitar, my mate bought one and it sounded really nice good price too.
The Pacificas are great guitars for the money and I personally have not played anything as well built and playable for the money.

The cube is also a great little amp for the money and defiantly a good move until you decide how you want to sound and can invest in a decent tube amp.

As for straplocks I'v been using Dimarzio Cliplocks on all my guitars for years with no troubles and 100% reliability.
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Pacificas are Brilliant for first guitars..

I have an 012, and i still use it all the time.
that's a great beginner pack you've got there it's a good guitar and that amp is also awesome for it's price. Way to go
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Sounds Good to me! Should be perfect, after using all the items you have suggested buying i can inform you that for a beginner they are all perfect, and the straplocks are very safe.
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yea I had a buddy back in highschool that owned one. He loved it, he owns a couple gibsons now-a days but he said it was probably the best choice for a starting guitar for him and doesnt regret it at all
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Yeah man they're great ... Get models 112 or higher.

My buddy who's been playing for 15 years loves the guitar.