Has anyone heard what the price of this guitar is going to be when it goes up for sale feb. 15?
More than you could ever hope to afford...
But seriously, knowing GIbson, probably around $7000, though this is just a rough guess and probably very inaccurate
his actual one?

one of the exact replica models sold for £8000
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and its going to be a VERY limited run.
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Jimmy Page Les Paul is this what your looking for?
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his Black Beauty Custom?

EDIT: Ah yes, really nice guitar, but man is it expensive
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Man..a Gibson Black Beauty has always been my dream guitar...that is just the icing on the cake..
Wonder how that 6-way pickup configuration works?
at guitar center they are i think $6000 or so,so that sucks i really want one
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wow 19000 for Jimmy pages signiture.
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I saw the ads/promos for them. Look nice. Not worth the price imho.
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too expensive

but they look great
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