So for the amp models, whats up with the whole amp model and cabinet model?
Is there a way to change to change only one or is the amp model and cabinet model together?

Like the choices "Rectified, Line 6 Crunch, Black Panel, High-Gain" and such
I was reading the models and crap and they have all these amps and crap and I saw things like Mesa Boogie on there and stuff.. how do you know what model has what cabinets and amp sounds and crap..
like how would I get it to sound like a Mesa Boogie?

and what other crap is there you can do on the POD besides the basic turning knobs and stuff, like any other ways to do more within it.
I've had the thing forever but I'm just wondering about this.
Okay matey heres the score.

The amp model knob will select 32 amp models. 16 by just turning(layer 1) and 16 whist holding the Tap button(layer 2). giving 2 sets of amps on one knob.

The Effects knob layer 1 is just the effects but you can choose the cabinets by using layer 2. Just hold the Tap button and turn the knob.

For a recto sound try the layer 1 and layer 2 Rectified setting. Then try the 4x12 cab models thats 3 to 6 o'clock on layer 2 of the effects knob.

Also theres a switch on the top left in between the right and left output jacks for the air/direct mode. Try both settings and see which you prefer.

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Thanks alot man!
I thought it was something like that but wasn't totally sure, and how do you know which cabinet models and such are which when holding the tap button?
Is there a list anywhere?