Thread in The Pit got locked and they didnt say where to put this so I just guessed here, hope Im right.

Its 2 songs a week im allowed to post yeah?

EH47 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUQH1GAk_rs

Untitled - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaixK5z8J2M

Bass is loud cause it was recorded right next to the bass amp and you cant hear me cause Im to far away ( Im in green, there was a football match straight after we finished lol )


Thanks, Marigold Taxi
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EH47 - Can't really hear the vox. Sounds like a lot of stuff nowadays, i quite like some of the licks and riffs though - some good playing though. Actually the lead guitarist is pretty damn good..

Thanks for the crit!

Untitled - Pretty funky. I like it. Nice bass. From what I can hear, the vocals are pretty good, but they are a bit quiet. Good guitar work too. It's got a good groove to it, nice job with this.

EH47 - It does sound kind of generic but I like it. As said the lead guitarist is very good. I like the ska feel in the verses with the offbeat chops. Again, the vocals are decent, just quiet. Nice job with this one too.

Your performance isn't half bad either. You don't just stand there like most amateur bands. Also, I know the bass was loud because the camera was right there, but man, don't let that guy get drowned out. His parts aren't super hard but they sound really good with the other parts.

Again, nice work. Keep rocking!
Thanks Yeah I really like the bass part at the end of the Untitled song, dunno if you listened for that long though. The guitarist and the bassist are amazing I think. We didnt control the vocals so we couldnt turn them up or anything.

We are recording 3 or 4 songs on the 11th of Feb , 2 of them being them so ill post them when they are complete so you can hear them fully.
Thanks for the crit. I really enjoyed untitled, i found it really easy to groove to.

good work.
untitled is my favourite of the two, i love the bass and the whole thing has a great rythmn to it. I danced while it was on haha! pm me when you get the recordings done coz as i said on youtube-I'd love to hear some proper recordings of these. x
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The untitled song is absolutely rocking.

Your stlye is unique and fun. I'd say keep writing songs, record an demo, and try and get a label.
Thanks We are recording on Feb 11th so ill post the songs for all of you. And a label would be nice haha
untitled rocked my socks offf...!!!!...killer talent u got brotha man.....i liked it....something u can bib ure head to...Keep rockin...adn kilelr sound quality too...!!!...PEAC EOUT
you have the sound and the look (according to my 15 year old sister) to be commercially viable.
Very upbeat, so smile more when you perform.
You could be the next all american rejects.
Hey man,

Nice stuff! EH47 does sound a bit generic, but these days its hard not to. I won't mention the vocals to me because through the fuzzyness i can hear that theres some serious pipes there.
I would like to hear a studio recording of this, but as far as live performance go, you guys are pretty damn good! Awesome guitar riffs in the solo, and I like how you kept it together throughout the entire thing.

For the other song, I love the riffs in it too, really funky, upbeat and groovy tune. There could be room for a really funky bridge somewhere in there, with the same kind of riff you have going through the entire thing.

Awesome stuff man, keep it going!
And thanks for the crit.
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Untitled was pretty sweet. Groovy, and all of your instruments were pretty good. I really don't have any gripe with this song.

EH47 was less sweet. I was a bit bland and generic sounding, and the instruments/vocals were just decent, not quite great.

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Don't be afraid to post comments on my other songs on my profile either!
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i'm not gonna lie, i was pleasantly surprised by your songs.

eh 47 is really entertaining. well put together song. reminds me of arctic monkeys a little.

untitled has really got potential man. LOVE the riff you're working with. not sure what you're going for but i think if you made it a little more... grooovy. if that makes any sense. rhcp style. haha that song is amazing.