Anybody own one? What kind of sound do they offer? Especially the one made with the Koa wood
I've gigged with one but don't own.

I love Taylors: their acoustics and their new electrics. The T5 is very versatile to be sure, and you can get some great tones out of it. For me, it does neither electric tone or acoustic tone the way I want them to sound - which is perfectly like and electric or acoustic. It's a high-end, high quality versatile guitar, but it is what it is - one guitar that does many things. Don't expect to sound like an 814 and a Les Paul with this one guitar.
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i don't have one but a buddy of mine has either 3 or 4 of these including one koa. they are absolutely beautiful guitars and sound really nice plugged in but they are defintely not an alternative to an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. just as the guy said above. unplugged it doesn't sound like an acoustic guitar and plugged in it doesnt sound like an electric guitar. what it really kinda sounds like unplugged is a quiet tinny acoustic and plugged in they sound like pretty nice acoustic-electric guitars. that's my two cents.
My dad's got one - it's a piece of work. A while back, some Taylor guys came through here and demonstrated it - with the flick of one switch, he went from "Bark at the Moon" to "Sweet Home Alabama." With the right amp/pedal chain it can do anything.