i want to get a new guitar and i usually pick a guitar im going to but, save up for it, and go get it......im stuck on which one i want

i play heavy stuff like atreyu, lamb of god, mudvayne, black sabbath, ozzy, gnr, metallica, etc....i love how both of them play

zakk wylde les paul custom

standard plus top

but idk which is a better all around guitar
well between those 2 get the Zakk Wylde but i would just save up a bit more and get a Epiphone Etlist and put EMGs in it.
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I have had a regular epiphone les paul for about a year now, and it sounds great playing heavy, but i was playing santana the other day, and it still sounded amazing, I mean you can't really go wrong getting a les paul I think. That being said, I love the paint job on the zakk wylde custom, so I would get that despite the increased price.
after the warranty expires on my SG im gonna get some EMGs and get a guy, that painted his own custom bullseye, to help me paint mine

but i would rather save up the money for a more expensive guitar than save up for the lesser one then find another guitar i would rather have