It's normal. I use a pick but I also love finger picking.
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Well that depends. This is the electric guitar forum, and just about 99% of people how play electrics use a pick. The only guy I can think of who plays electric and doesn't use a pick is Mark Knopfler of the Dire Straits. I'm a fingerstyle play, and I use an acoustic. It's kinda hard for me to do it on electric. But I would have to say if thats how you wanna play go ahead, but you better work an your fingerstyle tremelo to play some of those fast licks, and trust me it's not easy. What kind of music do you play anyway?
i always use a pick but i wish i didnt
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Jeff Beck. One of the best guitar players in history. Never plays with a pick.
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It's easier to navigate with ur fingers.

Tremolo picking does sound like a bitch. Maybe play it like a bass?

It also gives a more solid tone.
It's normal definetely, but I personally prefer using a pick
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i did not like using a pick on my acoustic or electric...but then i found the right pick and it made it feel right. I still like using my thumb on my acoustic but now I don't do it any more on the electric
guitarist in the black keys doesn't, he sounds amazing!

i've started playing without a pick sometimes, and its nice to not always need one for everything
as long as you don't wanna shred 16th's at 200 bpm... fingers are OK
I can play with my fingers. I prefer to use a pick though. Its helpful if you drop your pick I suppose.
^ +1

I switch around depending. "Sunshine of Your Love" sounds awesome fingerpicked....

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Yeah, even the legends like Eric Clapton are starting to fingerpick more......I think it's something about the strat, draws people to fingerpick....
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hybrid picking ftw
This. Although I'm still pretty shoddy at it.
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to clarify, I usually play fingerstyle for lead stuff. or, I try to, I'm not especially good at it yet.
Do YOU know who Les Paul is?

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i use a pick but if i don't have any left or drop one i'll use my index finger nail. its all right but its almost impossible to alternate pick with your nail
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