Um, I just got my Ibanez restrung with thicker strings for music like SOAD (it's in drop C) and the pickups look like their collecting shavings of metal from the strings....

Am I playing too ruff>?

Is it cause im not very good at palm muting and tremolo pickign at the same time and im wearing down the strings?

Its only been 24 hours.

I have been playing it al ot though.

It's not alot but it looks like little shavings r like magnetically connect to my EMGs (their the ****ty Ibanez ones)
maybe your attack is too hard, but i thought SOAD played in drop Db for most of their stuff. Correst me if i'm wrong
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Quote by Megallica666
nope drop c

my bad
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one time when I was rubbing the back of my strat's neck with steel wool, a bunch of the shavings (tiny shavings) were falling onto the table I had it on. I had shifted the guitar, and when I looked at the pickups, they were COVERED in steel wool shavings.
I tried playing with the shavings on the pickups, but whenever you'd move, you'd get this crackling sound. Just take a magnetized screwdriver or something and pick them off.
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I dont think a pick will take metal shavings off your strings.... It would be the other way around and your picks would just widdle down faster. Either there was excess shavings on there from the get go or your strings arent a good quality maybe a bad batch. Ive never seen that happen with any of my strings and I used 2mm picks at one point...
Its most likley your pick wearing down and falling onto the pickups.
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