Ampeg SVT-4 pro. In my opinion anyway...
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I need a new bass amp and have $800 - $1200 to spend. What should I get?

I don't want a combo. I need something with good wattage - this is for live shows.

ahhh.....I went thru this as well.....tried a bunch of differnt combinations, gear wise and money wise.

First off, I am a guitar player living in Los Angeles. There are so many better players than me in this city....so after auditioing unsuccesfully for a few bands, I decided that if I wanted to get as much ass as possible by playing in a band, maybe I should should play bass.

I have an Amped B4 solid state amp. I love it. For guitar players, I understadn why would need a tube amp, but I just dont think the same applies for bass rigs. Obv. every pro bass player likes an SVT, but the price is high, and unless you are really looking to dial in a specific bass tone, I dont think that most people can tell the audible difference anyway. Maybe I am wrong. I run it thru an Eden 2x15. More volume than I would ever need.
However, my first set up was an Ampeg B2r, wich seems like the standard low end gigging amp, and a 4x10 ampeg cab. ANd beofer that a Fender combo (a firend is sponsored by Fender and hooked it up),but that wasnt enough volume either. Neither set up was enough power to cut through drums, and a noisy guitar player. I paid new retail prices for that set up at guitar center......and it was well over the total price for the used gear I have now, and way less power. I bought the Ampeg B4 and the cab on craigslist. Both used, but not abused. $300 for the head, and $400 for the cab. I could even hook up another 4x10, and drop the ohms and make it even louder.....but there is no need. Try craigslist.....you might be surprised what people are selling.