When I click it on, I only get the heel position sound, even when I rock it back and forth. It is still having good bypass, just when I turn it on, I get major tonwe suckage. What's up with that?
have a look at the gear mechanisms, is everything turning properly? including the metal shaft of the pot if you can see it

sounds like the gear is slipping on the shaft
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Nope. Everything is connected properly. Could it be the inductor that's bad?
Doubt it's the inductor. It is most likely the pot. While moving it up and down, fiddle with the wires connected to it, the wiper (middle) one inparticular. Just because it appears connected doesn't mean it really is.
Well, I tried fiddling with the wires, and still no luck. I don't know what to do. Buy a new one, that's better? Take it to a repair shop? What?
Used Original Cry Babys found on eBay are cheaper than cheap so if it comes to that it wouldn't be too bad of a hit. Or you could use the opportunity to get a better wah or even a fancier one like the Ibanez Weeping Demon.

As for the problem it self it sure sounds like a pot problem to me. If the sound it makes is that of the ACTUAL heel down sound (as opposed to some other weird sound it shouldn't make) than the pot itself doing it's job. Replacement pots don't cost much and with a little soldering skill you can change it yourself. In fact there are Cry Baby mod kits sold on eBay that include new resistors, a pot, a true bypass switch, and Fasel inductor (not that the red Fasel inductor does jack squat).

Of things to replace the pot is the first thing I'd do.

EDIT: Oh, and after fulling modding my Original Cry Baby I use it as much as I can it sounds so awesome.
reindex the pot. the tone doesn't go high enough right? reindex the pot. seriously. reindex the pot.

push the wah all the way down, even further down than the switch goes, apply all force you can. at that point, set the pot's gear and the rack gear to have the pot fully turned for the treble. then you shouldn't worry about not enough treble. it'll be too much treble maybe.
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