Hi, my uncle lent me his old 80's Westone. I have no idea about this company, and I have had this guitar for a while. But I was playing it, and I was just looking at the back. On the neck bolt, it says "A Matsumoku product, made in Japan". Now, this kind of interested me. So, here is what I know:

-Its about an early to mid eighties guitar
-The name of the model is a Concord DX by Westone
-bolt on neck
-floating bridge
-locking nut
-2 humbucker
-2 volume/tone knobs
-3 way pup selector switch

Can someone find me some information on this? Thanks,

EDIT: It is almost identical to this guitar, the Spectrum DX.


In fact, I thought it was the same guitar. But mine says Concord DX on the headstock, thats about it.
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The Westones back then were known for being better than Ibanez's. They came from the same plant, but Westone quality was better I believe. My friend has three, and he swears by them.
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