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Nope not yet

Most recording hardware wont yet but I do know most m-audio gear does however seem to have a lot of vista drivers out now which you can see here:


ahh ****, sorry to hijack your tread but this bloke seems to know about this so im asking does the tapco link USB work with vista as i have a new laptop on the way, and my interface should be here monday? cheers
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Ugh..so basically i have to wait until they release one for vista? do you have any idea of how long that could be and where i could check to find out?
Im hoping they will come out with drivers soon as I really like thatinterface and have vista as well.

The best thing to do is go back to XP since just about everything works well on it and it doesnt eat up ram like vista.

All I can suggest is that you email or call Mackie to find out an estimated date for their vista drivers.
Yep, I tested out vista an had to return to XP because both Mackie drivers and the specific m-audio driver I needed did not work in Vista.
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