Are there any advantages over square monitors? I'm getting a new monitor tonight and I'm wondering if there's anything better about widescreen.

It's widescreen... That's about it, tbh. It's up to you whether you like it or not. I will say, though, that older computer games don't have widescreen support.
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It looks brilliant, I recently got a 22" widescreen monitor, and it makes all my games look stunning. The only real difference would be watching DVD's in widescreen.
I just bought myself a widescreen this christmas. 22" lenovo that was on sale. i never thought much about widescreen but picked it up cause it was a good deal.

So far - I REALLY REALLY like it. It's more comforting on the eye

and also - obviously side-scrolling is easier(which helps on a lot of apps), dvd's(which I don't watch much on the comp) are better, and a lot of games these days do well on widescreen. Simply, I've found that like I said, it's more pleasing to the eye. Thought I'd offer my bit.
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It looks brilliant, I recently got a 22" widescreen monitor, and it makes all my games look stunning. The only real difference would be watching DVD's in widescreen.



Yeah, I got one yesterday, it's epic. it's something like 1680x1050 pixels, which is pretty decent.
I upgraded at christmas from a 15.9 inch square monitor to a 22 inch widescreen ASUS. Get one. I've been playing games on mine with stunning clarity and beautiful size and I have to say it was the smartest thing I've done in a while.

And yes, the 22 inch widescreen monitors have a native resolution of 1680x1050. Beautiful
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at our school, they have widescreen monitors and they pwn. i played call of duty four on them and let me tell you, it was a huge difference to my ****ty laptop
They just 'are' better, higher resolution. Also, it's useful to be able to have a PDF and word document open on 1 screen where each is totally visible at a readable size.

games look better, dvds look better.

widescreen is supposedly closer to what our eyes actually see in real life too.
I'm using a 22 inch widescreen that we just got recently, and it's a really good monitor (LG).
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I really miss my 24in widescreen monitor (ran at 1920x1200!). It stopped working so now I am on a ten year old 17in CRT Widescreens are (as everyone here says) better. They're awesome for gaming and your view is widescreen so why not your monitor.
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Are you gonna play games?if yes then yes buy one. My advice is pointless as I know you're gone already...
They're pretty cool, but I got headaches for the first while if I was on too much. Got some fresh air and went back one for the first few uses, now it's all good.
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Would never go back to non-widescreen aspect screen. I am using a 24" Dell 2405W...it pwns!
my brother has a 22" widescreen.
As far as general productivity goes, I don't like it. You just end up with one huge wide firefox/word/notepad window.....I think having a dual 19" setup would be much better in this aspect.

movies....meh, its a monitor, not a tv

games....eh, I dont play them anymore
Widescreen monitors look cooler, and that's it.

Do not buy a CRT monitor, they take up more energy, and they suck.
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