I have a Wii, and I'm sorry Wii lovers/360 bashers, but the games on the Wii just aren't my thing. I love Zelda, Metroid, Galaxy, and other games like that but the Xbox just has more games that are for my liking. Anywho, the problem is...my parents are going all churchy retard on me and saying I can't buy/play any mature games. Now, I'll probably still play a lot of them (like Bioshock, Halo 3, COD4, and Mass Effect), but as for buying them, what are some really funny Teen rated games I can get? Right now I'm thinking Tom Clancy's Advanced War Fighter 2 and possibly others. Ideas?
i have one thing to say about this entire situation thus far:

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Guitar Hero, Overlord, Eternal Sonata, Lost Planet, GRAW1.
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just buy m games off people at your school..not that hard
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Get a girlfriend. They are high in management, but you get to level up just like in halo, BUT IN REAL LIFE!
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just stand up to your parents



if that doesnt work

just....take them out of the picture...
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Get a girlfriend. They are high in management, but you get to level up just like in halo, BUT IN REAL LIFE!

and you can put your level 3 magic wand into the demons portal of happyness.. or some gay **** like that.
yeah, floppypick...it saddens my soul. so many good games that i can't play... *tear*
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then **** them both and sell your video games
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Bugger all the games mentioned before me and get Orange Box.

Half-Life > Halo
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All the good games you could get have pretty much been said, I would suggest just borrowing the games for a bit from people.. not much else you can really do.