I start guitar lessons tomorrow afternoon. I was wondfering which I should take, my Squier Acoustic or my Squier Strat to learn on?

If I take my Strat would I have to take my own amp or would they probably supply an amp?

Should I take anything besides my guitar and a pick to the lessons?

I'd take the acoustic....

Learning on an acoustic builds much needed finger strength and dexterity.
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i think squier strat. you can learn things like palm muting, and harmonics better.
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I started learning on acoustic, and I think it helped me a lot. I'm not good, but because I started out on acoustic, I'm better than I would be!
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i think squier strat. you can learn things like palm muting, and harmonics better.

Correction. It's easier to pull them of on an electric. Not impossible to do on an acoustic at all.
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Learn accoustic -- but it is your money and I'm sure he/she will be happy with whatever route you want to take.
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Take whichever you like to play more. The place will most likely have an amp and cable for you to use if you prefer electric, and acoustic you don't need anything. Just personal preference, really. Unless you're taking lessons from someplace that doesn't have a small practice amp for lessons, which would be highly unlikely and idiotic.
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It heavily depends on what you want to learn (or which genre you want to jump into). If you want to do rock and metal, then definitely electric. If you're just starting out, then acoustic would be a good choice.

However, I started on an electric, and I can play on an acoustic just fine. If you play on an electric, you can build up the necessary finger strength and dexterity. It just comes down to your preferred genres and styles. It's all preferrence and which one you have more fun playing on (if you don't have fun playing guitar, then you won't be playing guitar for long).

Also, I haven't heard of a place where they don't have an amp. That would just be stupid.
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