Until the novelty wears off!!
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it depends. i've bought guitars but still used my older ones more, it just depends what i'm feeling at the time

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nope but i had a fairly good guitar then got more fairly good guitars so i usually play most of them at least once a day
diffrent tones and feels are amazingly refreshing
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I don't use my old one, but thats because its worth like, 70 bucks compared to my Les Paul. I want to trade it in for a cheap bass.
i dont, after i got my Jackson DKMG, i use it for metal but for everything else i still use my Gibson SG.
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well, when you get your second guitar, you tend you use that pretty much all the time, because it's often much better than the first on. After that, you use different guitars for different kind of music, so you kinda play all of'em just as much.
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yeah i noticed im using my strat alot more... but i do still use my first guitar occasionally... and i use my acoustic alot...
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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yeah i tend to do that, but i'll have different tunings on each one:standard,dropped d, and one whole step down
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I switch playing guitars when one gets jealous.
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i just have a LP and acoustic so i use acoustic whenever i cant get plugged in =P
Depends, i havent laid a finger on my squier since i bought my Les Paul, but when i get a Fender American, its in no way going to replace Paulie.
This is not a problem. I often get a craving for singlecoils and taddaaa! im on my ibanez, but another day I might get in the mood for crazy squeeling buckers and wuptidoo! Im on the LP. And if I feel kainda blue I go slow on my dads old acoustic with waaaahaaaay to heavy strings on it. And once in a while i make some chords on my sisters nylon fittet acoustic.

AND to make it better when I bought brackets to hang the guiatrs on the wall I biught just two . I got three guiatrs and two of em can hang on the wall and the last one should be around my neck making noise
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I know full well that the Jay Turser is going to get ignored when I get the Ibanez. While I get used to the Ibanez I am going to take apart the Jay Turser and repaint it and fix the dings. I'll probably repray it white and put a black pickguard on there for fun. I think I am going to set it up on some just thick strings too, and use it to help build finger strength. The next guitar after the S470 probably wont get ignored and neither with the S470. I think the next one will be another Ibanez, but probably an Iceman or X or something that I would setup for a drop tuning and/or metal.
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Well I went from a fairly crap dead-sounding, fat necked and high-actioned Les Paul copy to an all-round gorgeous Gibson LP - so you can probs understand why the copy is now gathering dust in its gig bag

But if I got a really nice partner for my Paul, like a MIJ or MIA Strat or Tele, then I'd doubt I'd play one significantly more than the other