I've been using regular combo amps since i started playing. I've been thinking about making my own speaker cabinet and getting a rack mount preamp and power amp, but i really dont know much about that type of stuff. Does anybody have any good suggestions for a preamp that will give me plenty of distortion and real tight sound?
Wrong forum but Mesa makes great pre-amps for pretty much everything.
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I use a behringer V-amp pro in my rig. And the other guitarist in my band uses a Digitech something. The new one. I'm too lazy to look it up. We both use those with power amps and crate Gt412 cabinets, and the mesa emulations sound the same for both of us with them, and I've played with people who use Triple rectifiers by Mesa, and I honestly sound very very close to them. Plus, both of these preamps have tons of other features and emulations.

Edit: alright the digitech is the GSP1101
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The ENGL pre-amps are great, especially with a MESA power amp.

Are you after a straight up pre-amp, or a modelling/multi effects type?
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