Lately I have been running short on ideas of which songs to learn. I have played guitar for a year now and I can pretty much play any metal riff you throw at me. Im wanting to learn "Solo's" now and I dont know where to start. I would say im a decent guitar player and Im into any metal from the 80's. Some bands I would like to play are: Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Death, or Testament. Others are will work just fine as well, but those are "prefered".

No I dont know how to improvise solo's. The furthest I got as far as things like that was learning the notes on the fretboard, which I suceeded with. Any suggestions as to where I can learn to Improvise Solo's. I would love to learn just never thought about it that much and figured it might be a little easier to go with something thats already written. However I know that if I learn to improvise a solo then I will become a better musician overall. Any help would be much appreciated with this subject of the "improv. solo."

Learn some scales. Go to the lessons on UG and check out scales. Start simple with major scale and pentatonic scales.

What helped me, I would learn a scale, and then I would put on a song and improvise with said scale as it really helped make it sink into my brain.
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Well how do i find a song where i can just improvise a solo? Most songs already have solo's and dont just have a rhythym part playing over and over. Any suggestions?
maybe get another guitarist to play rhythm while you solo over it?
or you could find some backing tracks

but definately learn your scales before any of this (major, minor)
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well im pretty sure my friend doesnt just want to play something over and over. Are there any GP files I can get or any songs I can download. I have been in band at school for 4 years and I know all my scales so all i have to do is find the root note. I think i have the scale thing down enough to start the soloing. What do you think. I mean if you just give me the root note I can play the scale regardless of the placing on the fretboard.
thought you said you played for one year?
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