hey guys, i have aquestion regarding making a song sound good with one guitar and no singing. For example, something like sweet home alabama is really easy for me to play the intro and stuff, its just that if my friend told me to play it, it would be boring with just one acoustic guitar and no singing. So how can i make it sound good and play the whole thing like some people can, any tips? thanks in adavance.
i reccomend singing. it actually makes playing guitar a lot more fun. i'm not sure how you would make sweet home alabama more exciting, maybe a cool instrumental arrangement perhaps?
i know i personally wouldn't wanna hear sweet home alabama without the lyrics, it just wouldn't be the same. i know i enjoy classical guitar type stuff because it often times has a vocal melody quality to to the movement of it. i personally have been practicing stuff like that because i really do enjoy it. i recommend employing the same thing into all non-singing type music