Last year, I found an old (red) MotoRAZR outside my school. It was raining, so I picked it up and pocketed it. When I got inside, I tried being a good person and went to take it to the office to put it in the lost and found, but when I tried turning it on, it didn't even function, so I just put it back in my pocket, not thinking about it. When I got home that day, it just got lost somewhere in my room.

A few months ago, I moved out into an apartment (and to a new school). I found this phone, so I asked my friend if I could borrow his charger (to see if it'd work). Well after charging it overnight, it functioned correctly. The service was obviously shut off, and can't take it back to my old school (I'm nowhere near it anymore).

Well, I'm about to get a steady job now, so I was wondering if I went to a local Sprint store, signed up for a plan, and if they could just replace the old, canceled account on this phone with my own?

(It does sound a bit odd to be using some random person's phone, but I erased their contacts, pictures, etc (they were an ugly mofo, haha) so don't be hay-inn.)
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well, this is the deal, i work at radioshack which is a sprint dealer. you might be able to set it up. if the phone is still listed on their account, then no u won't be able to use. and just because it's turned off doesn't mean it ain't still on there. now if they have completely replaced their phone and had the old one removed from their account, then it's free game man. if that's the case, grats, u just got urself a $150 phone even after activation. so take it to sprint and see what they can do for u.
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Well, when I go under "settings", "phone info", it shows their e-mail and whatnot. Is this just on there just because, or should it automatically update itself if it's not listed under an account?

Or would I have to talk to a Sprint representative at the mall, Radioshack, or a Sprint store to figure out if it's listed under their account still?