My jazz band at school is playing "In the Stone" by Earth, Wind, and Fire but I can't even get close to the tone I want.

In this video you can hear the guitar tone that I'm trying to achieve(especially at 0:37)although this isn't earth wind and fire

Any help in getting this kind of sound would be greatly appreciated. I have and epiphone les paul special II and an MG15cdr.

Edit: I've tried messing around with the eq on my amp and the tone controls on my guitar. I've also tried using different pickups but I still can't get close to the right sound. The sound I get isn't light enough and when i turn down the bass and turn up the treble, or use different pickups, it usually gets too trebly and sharp sounding.
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That's single-coil tone. Neither your guitar or amp are very good, but you should use your bridge pickup with boosted treble.
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Yup you really need a strat for that one...

Try taking about half the mids out of your amp, boosting the treble, and switching to the middle position of your pickup switch. The sharpness thing? Thats the biggest problem with an MG. Good luck.
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If turning up the treble makes it too trebly, add some mids instead of treble.
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