You can view this on my profile (Just click my name). I know I missed a note so please dont remind me.
You need more distortion. All that I hear is a bit of overdrive, and it sounds kind of weak because of that. The playing wasn't bad, but the sound of the guitar just didn't suit the song at all.
/\ i agree you definitely need more distortion, and its seemed a little choppy. i think it was playing was good, but it felt out of place without the distortion. but overall 4/5. now learn the rest of it.

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Your playing alright.

It could be a helluvalot better tho.

You have the notes down from what I can tell you just need to be more fluent playing them. More distortion and reverb would also help you!
+1 to more distortion

you might want to try and sustain notes more and improve on your bends make sure your bending to the right note
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You NEED distortion, the song was made with distortion, it just doesn't sound good without it, overall it wasn't bad, needs a lot of work however.
lol that aint pedal to the metal :p
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