For some reason my other topic with this got closed or something, I couldn't find it anywhere or any posts of mine in the topic.

Here's me and my band. I'm on guitar, my friend Tim is on bass, and my friend Paul is on drums. We're playing an old blues song called Born Under a Bad Sign, Hendrix covered it, too.

I've been playing for 13 months, and no, I'm not lying like people on the other thread thought

Tell me what you think overall, and mainly what you think of my playing so far. Here ya go!


Oh yeah, it takes a bit to start. We were getting set up.
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That was really good, the song was like a huge solo. the band had a great mix, you guys kept great time, great job on guitar. 5/5

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Thanks man. We're getting my friend to join us soon to sing. She's an amazing singer and we'll be able to do some Zep with her. Mainly once we get a singer we're going to start actually learning songs, mainly funky stuff like Bandy of Gypsies.