Am I the only one that ever had a pick for a long time that got so worn down but you didnt want to throw it away so you made it into something?

I have about 3 I put on a string and wear it. Taped my first one to my wall.
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no... i spend more on picks than food...

little bastards run away from me
When they get worn I file the edges down so that they're smooth again. I go through a pick maybe every four or five days. The picks also become slimmer in terms of width when I do this.
lol, i have a bad habit of chewing on my picks when Im fingerplucking then walking off with the thing still in my mouth. Needless to say my picks regularly get snapped in half because my teeth have made them weak.

To answer your question, No i have not made false idols out of my guitar picks....
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Most of mine get carried off by the cat before they're unusable.
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an average pick only lasts me 10-15 minutes. It's called powerviolence. I could make the ultimate jewlery!