Song i recorded a few months back when i wrote it, sort of a Pink Floyd Nirvana feel, w/e just tell me what u think c4c naturally... just go to it through my signature
Have you tried critting others?

The lead guitar bits remind me a little of John Frusciante's Niandra La Des/Usually Just a T-shirt album, especially some of the tone. The vocals are a little off (you seem to be singing everything sharp). The chordprogression is al right.

Oh my god, the fast section is exactly like
Lou Reed. Kind of like Velvet Underground's 'Heroin'.

It goes on a little long after that bit, maybe cut to the bigger strum quicker.

So yeah, work on your vocals and that's about it, really.

Have a listen to my stuff?
I hear what ur saying about the bridge, i didn't realize it sounded so close to Heroin till after i recorded it lol... ur right abou the lyrics, i just redid them a couple of days ago but its not uploaded yet, i guess il have to do that, thnx for the crit ill crit u back
I like the progression. Vocals need work although I really like your voice. the lead part is pretty cool little bit sloppy. the little riff is cool. 7/10


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hmmm... anybody else hear alittle Mother by Danzig in this one?? i dunno, its ok, sounds like late eighties hair rock, definitely needs vocals otherwise its just drums guitar...