Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Vox AC 15 or Palomino V32 30W
Boss DS-1
Boss DD-3

i play punk/reggae/skaish stuff
if it sound good to you then your good to go, don't even trip
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If I were you i'd get a different pedal than a Ds-1 but thats just me. I'd suggest the Ac15, it's a great amp.

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For what it is the new AC-15s are wayyy overpriced.
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sounds like a good set up mate but if i could change 1 thing it would be the DS-1, if you're looking for hard rock/punk sounds then you might be better off using an overdrive ontop of the amps gain rather than a distortion pedal on the clean channel. check out the digitech bad monkey or the maxon OD-808 if you can afford it.

out of the two amps i'd go for the palomino as it should have enough clean headroom to play gigs and i think it might have two channels unlike the vox
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Yep, I'd go for the AC30 if you can. Or a used Classic 30, which would be pretty cheap.
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