I have a slight problem. For a little while now, my mouse has been acting up. Sometimes it double-clicks when I want to single click, but w/e.

The thing that annoys me most is that every 4-5 or so seconds, it'll change to the loading icon with the little Vista circle, then back, then again, then back. It changed very rapidly, maybe 6 times in .5 seconds, every 4-5 seconds.

It's annoying.

Anyone else have/had this problem. or know how to fix it?

Merci, amigos.
maybe you should get a new mouse? theyre not that expensive and it would most likely fix the problem
had a windows update recently? mighta screwed with your drivers, try rolling them back? or gettin updated ones?

are you using generic mouse drivers or ones that came with the mouse?

maybe the mouse is broken and thinks buttons are being pressed when they're not.
Is it wireless? (could be running out of batteries.)

Did you try unplugging/replugging and rebooting?
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I like how you mixed French AND Spanish into a thank you statement. Try getting a new mouse, i doubt its the OS if it is, try re-installing the mouse component and if that doesn't work re-install Vista completely and write and angry letter to Bill Gates.

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The loading icon thing would have nothing to do with the mouse, so thats something with windows. Although its possible you just have a program running in the background that does stuff and windows is just stupid enough to show feedback on that in the form of the loading icon.
Oooh, maybe you downloaded some messed up cursor thing! Never click on those damn ads, brother!
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