walked into GC last week and got rid of my Dean V bass. i knew i wanted another 5 and found this one for a steal. they had it marked as an affinity jazz 5 for $199. a closer inspection (active j pickups, no pickguard or fret dots) got me wanting it. im very happy. though it has a 34" neck. its well made up for by the neck width. its alot wider in the neck than my schecter, the first fret of my squier's first frett width is as wide as the 8th fret of my schecter. gotta love it.

what you guys and girls think?
They're great for the price.
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Hate Squier quality. I've seen really bad basses made by them.... where the neck moves visibly so much it can't stay in tune. Plus I hate the tone.

A guess it's a good enough started bass, better than my old one... I think.
trust me when i say i played most every bass in the price range. 3 ibanez, 2 peavey's, and a traben. but some how i still bought this one. the nez's they had just seemed too wierd neck wise, high actioned. we're not even going into the peavey grind and millenium. the traben array that just buzzed all over the place brand new. so just going by the best they had in the range i played. this one won.
Good deal, regardless. This bass looks like a Squier step in the right direction, however I think the basswood body and ebonol fretted fingerboard would result in a rather sterile tone.
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actually no. believe it or not it out sounds my schecter deluxe 5 with or without the amp. i know later on i'll upgrade to the actual fender version. but i think what got me is the neck plus the perfect stock action. i've been playing on skinny necked basses for a while and the wide neck of this thing just feels more natural to a big mitt.
I personally like squire, their standard jass is a favorite of mine, even though i do not have one :P

They make phenominal necks as well.
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