For graduating my parents are going to buy me a guitar in the $500 range, now here's the catch they wanna buy local and the store in my town only carries Gibson/Epiphone, Fender/Squire, and PRS. Now here's what I'm looking for, I need something with a humbucker in the bridge and that has a pickup that would work for thrash and modern metal, also a good wood like mahogany would probably be what I'm looking for. So can anyone who may have looked into guitars more have any suggestions?
I was thinking either a fender showmaster or a PRS standard(not sure how they would sound for metal) or last time I was there I think they had a Tremonti sig but I'm not a fan of his so I don't know how the guitar sounds.
perhaps go for an epi, then spend some cash on new pickups or other mods.

i would recommend the G-400 or LP standard, with a few mods they could easily handle metal.
I have a Fender Stagemaster and I love it, almost more than my Ibanez S470. I think the showmaster is even better. Works for metal, might be better for metal with new pickups though.
IMO, Fenders offer the best build quality and bang for your buck. PRS SE aren't bad, but they're Korean and the pickups are trash. Why don't they want to drive a bit to find some other shops?