Well, I could've been a little more specific. Basically, I'm covering School's Out (Alice Cooper, if anyone didn't know). I'm not going to pretend the guitar in it is my favorite, it definitely isn't. I can't just choose a different song, as this is definitely the song that fits the situation (It isn't for playing when school's actually out, but don't worry about it).

Anyways, any ideas on how to add in a different solo that fits the song? I've noticed all the live performances have significantly better (in my opinion) and longer solos. If one of these had a tab I could just do that. But any ideas on adding a solo to school's out, spicing it up a bit, etc.? I know it sounds like a really broad question that isn't specific enough. Pretty much any discussion on the song in general and where a better solo could go in it is appreciated.
Transcribe and learn the live solos.
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just improvise a solo in the time slot. E minor pentatonic or E blues would work best in that song.

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I was thinking about improvising one, but I wasn't sure. The other thing I was thinking was to figure out the live solos, haha. Thanks, I got a while to do it.