ok so i'm looking at pedals and i really am lost in which one i should get i have a line 6 that has a distortion and phaser pedal bulit in but i don't know which to get. I am willing to spend up to $100 on a pedal and i play anywhere from heavy metal to alternative rock are the generes i mainly play. So do you guys have any suggestions?
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buy the boss MT-2 metal zone
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Most good pedals will cost around $100, ie. the Boss ones that I am totally biased toward because they have such a simple yet durable quality design (see, there's the bias)!

I personally love my delay and chorus pedals - though I like you owned a Line 6 first and thus had all of that built in. Is your Line 6 a digital amp / solid state? If so, pedals won't work that well with it. One big exception though? The WAH PEDAL.

If you play rock and metal, you need a Wah. It'll get you anywhere from Zakk Wylde to Mike McCready in a hurry, and it's a lot of fun making porn noises until you figure out how to use it effectively. I recommend checking out anything made by Dunlop, they have a range of signature and stand-alone Crybaby wah pedals.
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A Crybaby Wah pedal.

Which Crybaby Wah would you suggest? In addition, is there a significant difference between the the Crybaby versions and the Slash Wah, besides having his name on the pedal?

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^ Most of the signature wahs have different electronic internals, making them do less of the regular Crybaby's huge dip from bass to treble. Hendrix's signature from Dunlop almost eliminates the difference. That's what I would get...

But, back on topic, I second the EQ.

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My top favorite wah pedals or crybaby's are slash wah. and zakk wylde wah..Should watch each example on youtube.