Alrite, i know almost nothing about amps, but i know the crappy little practice amp i got with my epiphone les paul sucks. Should i upgrade to the Vox Valvetronix AD30VT, Blackheart BH5 and BH112 half stack, or the epiphone valve junior half stack. I see lots of diff opinions on this site. i'm going to go try these out in person, but i just want to hear some of your opinions first. I just play rock in general (Metallica, led zeppelin, grunge, etc.) What's the best amp? Feel free to suggest other amps, keep it under $300
The Blackheart or the VJ. Although you'd have to crank them to get OD, and they are pretty loud.
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Which of the Blackheart or VJ are better for cleans?
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The above quote from ac/dc_freak was recommended to me for a Metallica / Metal tone I was asking about. You want a pedal to get the distortion at lower volumes. I ended up waiting to see what the $399 Windsor Studio sounds like when it gets out.
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