I'm thinking of getting an amp tomorrow before i get my new guitar in a month or so. Right now, I have a crappy Crate MX10, and it has no effects or anything. I don' want anything huge, maybe like 15-30 watts (30 might be overkill for me). My budget is $125.

thx in advance,
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Your going to get horribly flamed so one thing NO SPIDERS they suck, get like an Epi Valve Jr. or a Blackheart both are five watt tube combos and will serve you way better in the long run.
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Save up for something better. Thats not much of an upgrade. If you need a decent sounding practice amp for that price though get a microcube, although I don't recommend you doing so.
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Yeah, $125 isnt goint to get you any sort of decent amp unless you cruise craigslist or something, even then its a stretch.
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Sorry, because I've had my crappy amp for such a long while I can't figure out the difference between a bad one and a good one (anything sounds better than my amp!)
buy a tube buddy.
go used it you have to
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with that budget, all you can really afford is the roland microcube.
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I don't know, when I went to stores it seems like they had plenty for my price range, but I guess they must not be that good. What is the minimum I could pay for a decent practice amp.
It depends, some expensive stuff is going to be **** while other cheaper stuff will do just fine. The main thing that seems to be recommended around here is the Roland Cube 30 and the unrecommended include Behringer, Line 6 Spider, and Marshall MG stuff. Honestly though, I'd really like to see who is speaking from a unbiased experience and has actually played it without trying to point out its flaws. I know every experience I've had with Behringer has been a great one... my old bass amp kicked ass as did our mixer from my old band. Two of my buddies have them too and they sound great... not a $1000 tube amp by any means, but for the price I think they are hard to beat. One has a GMX212 or whatever the 2x12" 120W amp is and thats saying something judging by his other gear, money is not an issue for that kid as noted by the ~$1800 Martin, his whole recording setup, and his well modded Washburn. Same goes for the other one, hes got the Vintager 60 or whatever, its the bigger of the single tube combos is... he played his LP Studio out of that until he got his half stack. I know I'll probably get scoffed at by a lot of people for this, but I guess thats my two cents.
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