if i started playing guitar when i am 21 years old
am i not gonna get as good ?
is my potential limited?
Only if you let yourself think it will be.
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no not at all, as long as you work hard, have dedication and patience. I mean you can play for the rest of your life, look at B.B. King he's 88(i think) and Les Paul is 90 and they both tear it up.
I started about 21/22 (I am 23 now) and I am doing fine at it, I got some songs I have recorded and stuff, and they aren't great but I am still having fun playing, there's no reason you couldn't be as good as anyone else if you try hard.
no. other people are just better because they probably started early which gave them a head start on learning so that means they practice more. Example: Paul Gilbert started playing when was 11. if someone started playing at age 18, by the time they're 20 years old Paul gilbert would be better because he had more time to practice
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So you would just be a few years older by the time you got that good, it doesn't put a cap on how good you can get. One of my friends plays and is younger than me but I am better than him. You heard of punk?? Most of those guys had been playing for about a month before they recorded their singles, so it's not always about how good you are, but what you do with it. And you know it's not a competition anyway.
It's never too late to start. Just make sure you take weekly lessons right off the bat. You'll make quicker progress and you won't form any bad habits either.

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yeah i started when i was 17 and now im 19 and i play just about as good as some of my friends who started when they were like 12.. i practice like crazy though when i first started =P