What are your opinions on these pups.... I have these in my strat and like them fine, but everyone keeps telling me that better pups will make such a better sound...but honestly im worried that im going to spend 300 bucks on pickups that dont really sound that much better. I think a new tube amp would improve sound quality better. So what are your views on tex-mex pups and would u go for a nice set of pickups or a blues jr amp. I currently have a 5 watt champ 600.

PS I play blues
i have a blues jr amp with www.rockmonkeyguitars.com pickups. they're custom made in the UK, and chris is a good guy. its awesome quality, and consider that it's only $180. to me, it's a defnite buy.
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I agree, start with the Blues Jr. then save up for pickups.

The combo you have(Tex-Mex and champ 600) must sound pretty decent though, for practice. What is it you don't like or what sound improvements would you like to hear most?
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