hey guys

im sellin a fender strat. it hasnt really been played. no fret ware or nothing. heres the specs

Orginal contoured 66 vintage ri usa body
fender usa ri vintage hotrod 62 neck nitro finish
fender vintage gold head tuners
fender 62 usa vintage ri electonics
fender usa 57/62 pick ups
fender tremolo system vintage original gold
all other gold harware, usa made
62 mint green vintage usa original fender tremolo cover and pick guard
vintage olympic white body colour

so yeh the guitar has been modified a bit to give it better tone and feel.

it has superb tone. it even sounds good out of a 15 wat amp im playin it through. and it looks great also, just take a look at the photos...(photos dont include paint job due to it not being painted yet.

im accepting prices from 2000 and up. and im only selling to aussies. pick up prefered.

there may be a couple dings on the body but before i got it painted i took care of them and fixed them up...

so if ur interested let me know...

and im not able to ge big pics up of the guitar yet for some reason. but if u want pics just let me know.
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