Hey I just moved out of my house and into an apartment so i can't play as loud. I was thinking about get some headphones so I could play louder. I have a Roland cube 15 for an amp an a MIM strat. Does anyone know any good pairs of headphones.
i use some sony studio headphones that i bought at circuit city, they sound pretty good and they come with a plug in for your amp or you can use them as regular headphones.

i payed $20 for these.
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high end sony which are over $150 sound good but I like the sound and price of the Grado Labs SR80 which I use in my studio.

they are open design for a nice room tone and good bass response but my only complaint is they are not too conferable after a few hours of use....needs more padding on the head band.
Before dropping a wad on headphones, consider getting a pocket pod. I did and its light years ahead of practicing with headphones on my cube30x. They are like $130 but you can also use it with amps as effects and amp modeling so you may get some more use out of it. I use it with like $20 over the ear cheapo phones and it also works great inputing into just about anything like stereos or recording.
Agree, thats why Im also poking in this thread because I have been thinking of replacing those cheapo phones with something better but I keep finding other ways to spend money!