ive been playin for almost a year now, and I want to upgrade. Currently I am lookin at either buyin a decent guitar, or upgrading the pickups on my current guitar. Right now Ive got an ibanez gax70, and it sounds pretty flat. I was thinkin about putting seymour duncan livewires or invaders in it. That would probably cost around $200.
I could buy a new guitar all together. My top choice atm is the schecter c-1 hellraiser.
Should i wait and get the guitar, or just get the pickups and take the cheap way out?!?!
guitar fetish.com has cheaper pups than that, good enuf too. i would not spend the same amount of money as the guitar in pups.
the gax70 is a real nice guitar, very comfy neck. hardware is cheap and wood is not the best, but a good guitar.
go hellraiser.. i think it's made of mahogany, so even if you put the same pickups in it (it comes stock with emg's, the thought wouldn't cross my mind), it would sound a lot richer, fuller. if it comes to where you can't do anything but buy pickups, i'd say an EMG 81/85 (zakk wylde set, 150 bucks at sam ash) would be your best bet.
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howabout some precision metal, ladies and gentlemen?
how about buy the tar AND new pickups for that, then give me the stock ones from your new tar

i need some pickups.... wit no moneys
better amplifier might be a good idea, pickups have a very subtle effect on the sound where as amps actually make the sound
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It really depends what style of music you play, pickups would be better then save for a good amp/rig. If you want metal (metallica, stuff like that), go for a set of EMG 81/60s.
The answer's going to be " new amp"
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