I liked it. This is above my level so i feel bad saying anything but if i was going to do anything with it id back off on the electric guitar part a little so i sat more in the mix instead of breaking out as much as it does. I think the other parts would give the tune more drive then. Im not sure if that makes sense and thats just my personal preference music wise. It definitley has a nice feel to it though like watching a summer thunderstorm.
It has kind of a dark feeling to it...The lead isnt to bad however if you want to create leads with more emotion and melody try singing over the song first and adapting what you sing to your lead guitar...its a good trick for creating something you may not of thought of with using just the guitar.

I just posted a new song today...you can crit mine here if you want to.
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First off, thanks for the crit.

I really like the chill, relaxing mood of this song. The leads fit it perfectly (it's a bit loud though). The backing instruments add a lot. You should definitely add some lyrics and vocals. Maybe have the intro kind of chill like this then have a drum/bass/full band intro later on. That'd be awesome.

Nice work!