I just created a profile for my band called "Junkhead".

I've uploaded our entire 3 song debut EP called "The Helderberg Demos" which can be found here on UG at :


If you dig Alt-Metal with a twist of a melodic/alternative feel to it with thought provoking lyrics check us out. It would be much appreciated. We get our influences from bands such as HURT and Godsmack.

All the mp3's are all acoustic versions of the songs. We have versions of the real electric versions. I've posted up the acoustic versions because they were done up in a studio where our other material was done during practices, demoing and so forth. Eventually I will post up some heavier stuff.

Our singer puts alot of effort into writing his lyrics and once you here "Fragile" you will understand what I'm talking about. He solely wrote the song "Maybe Tomorrow" which is an extremely personal song to him. If you have kids and come from a broken home you will understand this song on a whole other level.

If you like what your reading please check us out. Stop by and leave us some comments on whether you dig our music or not. Thanks in advance. We hope you like what we've worked so hard on. If your ever in the New York area come check us out because our live shows are far different from anything we put out studio wise.

"Our skin tears away as our memories fade with age and we don't even know till it's gone" ~ J. Loren
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